Brief History & The First Phoenix Cyber Salon

“Well, it happened. Six of us met this last Monday to geek out and drink some beer. Of course, as those us who teach with technology know, the technology failed. The wireless connection at Fibbers was extremely weak (sorry Laura & Susan). However, those of us who were there had some great discussions about the “net generation” of college students and the reality of our students at the community college. We talked about using wikis and podcasting in the classroom (thanks for great ideas Alisa). Matt shared Plazes and with us. However, we were all swamped with back to school work, so…we split relatively early.”
Shelly Rodrigo  August 15, 2007

Image of Salon in Strawberry

The Salons happen in homes or local taverns.

Does it work?

One of the original founders Alisa Cooper thinks so!

“I’ve been working in the Maricopa Community College District now for 10 years, and I’ve met plenty of people along the way. Some of these people it’s a real honor to work with and others are a joy to call colleagues, but very few are people I’d want to hang out with after hours. That all changed this year when I started hanging out with the Cyber Salon crew once a month. They are true geeks through and through, and before I started hanging out with them, I’d never been in a bar with my laptop before.

Now we take over bars with our geekiness. We just come in, set up shop and have a good time. All we require is wi-fi and cold beer. I’ve learned so much from those pictured and a few other Cyber Salon members not pictured, and I’m really proud to call them friends. Can’t wait for the next Cyber Salon in June.”

A Premonition of the Digital Salons and Keeping the Connections Across Geographic Distances?



  1. rrodrigo says:

    I guess I’ll be trying to start up a Mid-Atlantic CyberSalon (MACS) sometime soon since I’ve got @cogdog, @jimgroom @befitt and @mediatedlife (among others) currently hanging out in the Virginia & North Carolina areas.

  2. Oh shoot Todd, I forgot to send you some words, but it looks like you don;t need it. This is a freaking fantastic resource.

    • Todd Conaway says:

      No problem,we did a great job. We were so good the fire alarm went off during the presentation! No joke!

      Hope all is well way over there. With you in spirit!

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