There are many spaces to meet friends and professionals (or both) and have opportunities to learn in digital environments. More and more these spaces allow us to interact with clear video, clear audio, and from our homes or darn near anywhere via mobile devices. And many are free, like the examples shown here. Below are some of the spaces I have participated in and the tools used.

The Google+ Environment

This is a PD session from Folsom Lake College with Zach Dowell. I and several others were invited to share our professional development experiences with the participants using Google+.

This is a graduate class taught by Bryan Jackson from British Columbia that several folks were asked to address a class called ds106.

This is a Google+ Hangout where myself and others were working out the logistics of an amazing class for online teachers called “The Program for Online Teaching” offered  by Lisa Lane and others at MiraCosta College.

You can also point the camera at something and allow othrs to watch and ask questions. Over the course of several hours I watched, and asked questions, the amazing DTLT group from the University of Mary Washington  put together a 3D printer.

SKYPE, of course

Skype offers us so much in the way of connecting and communicating at a different level than email or telephones. From using it as a tool for office hours or connecting with colleagues or family members, it is pretty amazing!

One More, What a Hoot

Hoot worked pretty well and I think that the ability to use it inside of the Facebook environment makes it have some potential.



  1. Jim Groom says:

    This is an awesome run-down of potential uses of a tool like Google+, very useful to remind me of how I might approach some faculty at UMW with this. You rock. And I might even use a hangout for a live version of ds106 not that I think about it.

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