Professional development is an attitude.
Jim Groom

The idea is simple.

The Verde CyberSalon is dedicated to creating a friendly and open environment for teachers and administrators to share ideas about teaching and technology. We meet monthly at various locations to share ideas and develop community among educators in the area.

We have been meeting monthly for just over a year at a local coffee shop. We have between 4 and 12 people who show up each month from the local K12 community and the community college. We also use a Facebook page to communicate ideas.



  1. Jim Groom says:

    That Jim Groom is a wise, wise man

  2. Linda says:

    HI Todd,
    I am able to somewhat keep up with the Verde CyberSalon via the notes you post. I wish I could attend in person, however, the off-campus venue/timing is difficult to manage with other time demands. The concept of knowledge-sharing is dear to my heart, but sometimes harder to sell as professional development than a workshop would be. Your next mission is to broadcast the sharing sessions, so we can peek in and learn from our desks while multi-tasking 🙂

    • Todd Conaway says:

      Great idea! I will broadcast the next salon using either G+ Hangouts or Collaborate and make sure people know about it. I know meeting in a coffee shop does not seem like PD to many administrative folks. Or at least not the kind you can “count.” Someday….

  3. jan says:

    Hello! Meeting with others to share ideas and learn how others are using technology to improve and update teaching is valuable! Sure appreciate the letters and notes when it is not possible to attend.

    • Todd Conaway says:

      I think keeping up the website is a great way to keep going though I think Facebook is working pretty well at times. Maybe I will go re-examine BuddyPress?

  4. Ruth Elsesser says:

    The Verde Cyber Salon sure works for me. It’s great getting together with other educators and always, every time, learning new things! I love the casual nature of our gatherings and how pooling our interests and knowledge helps me grow. Todd does a fabulous job facilitating and enlightening each week. It’s fun and productive, a combination that is rare.

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